Fetal Stethoscope | Fetoscope

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Designed to pick up a fetus heartbeat with a specialized bell.  Long enough for Mom to listen.

  • Latex-Free
  • High Acoustic quality
  • Soft Ear tips

Until the late 1970's, the fetoscope was used to auscultate heart sounds in pregnancy as well as women in labor. Similarly, a regular stethoscope can be used to find and listen to heart sounds. The average time to hear a heartbeat begins around 18 weeks for a skilled listener, maybe later if the user is untrained.


The fetoscope is the modern combination of the stethoscope and the Pinard horn. It is designed to be used on pregnant women and uses the practitioner's forehead to conduct sound, which often gives better results.

It does not use ultrasound thus, it is good to prevent the risk of radiation. There are a couple of different varieties of fetoscopes, including some that fit over the head for ease of use for the practitioner. It has a more modern look, being made of metal and plastic.

Some practitioners like to use this at every visit starting from week 12, though many won't hear the heartbeat that early. Using this device takes skill, but experienced practitioners can differentiate what they are listening to. The sound of the baby's heartbeat sounds like a watch under a pillow, while the placenta produces more of a whooshing sound.