BW Generation Ultra Absorbent Diapers (For Day and Night)

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Ultra Absorbent Breathable Adult Diapers (For Day and Night)

  • 100% Breathable non-woven cloth-like material
  • Gentle to sensitive elderly skin
  • Avoid rashes that can progress to painful wounds
  • Ultra Absorbent 2100-2500cc
  • Suitable for extended Day and Night use
  • Less need for diaper changes, save on cost
  • Caregivers & loved ones get more sleep & more needed rest
  • Refastenable Velcro tapes, Wetness indicators
  • Anti-bacteria, odor & smell control.
  • Netted polymer channel for faster absorption
  • Inner-leg standing gathers for leak protection
  • Best performing and best value night diaper, affordable quality for your loved ones
  • 1) Cloth-Like (usually cost more)
  • 2) Bio-Degradable (Usually Cost More)
    3) Environment Friendly (Usually Cost More)

Size M
- 10pcs/bag or 8bags/carton
– Waist 28-44″ (71-112 cm)

Size L
- 6pcs/bag or x 10 bags/carton
– Waist 35-58″ (97-147 cm)