Blood Glucose Meter Medical Device for Measuring Blood Sugar Glucometer with Diabetic Test Strips for Diabetes Glucometro

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High accuracy Blood Glucose Diabetic Test Monitor with Strips and Lancets

- Test Range : 1.1-33.3mmol/L

- Blood Needed :0.6

- Correction : Automatically Correct password card 
- Test Time : 5 s
- Enzyme : Glucose Oxidase 
- Value storage memory : 500
- Automatically exits the test strips : Yes 
- Automatic Reminder :the level of blood sugar, blood ketone remind 



--Large screen show, please don't worry that can't see the result clearly.

--500 sets memories, Help you compare blood glucose data in real time

--Tiny 0.6 Blood Size,  reduce pain

--Small size and easy to carry.

--One button operation, simple and convenient

--It takes only 5 steps to get the measurement results easily.

--5 second Test results, Fast and accurate 
By aviation restrictions,batteries are not included in the package


One button operation, simple and convenient

It takes only 5 steps to get the measurement results easily.

5 second Test results, Fast and accurate 

Automatically exits the test strip:
- To avoid contact with blood and cross infection, protect the safety of users
- Simple and convenient for the elderly
The test strip port:
- Unique design, high quality materials
- anti-static
- Ensuring efficient and durable
- Double feeler electrodes, metal electrodes 9, to enhance the stability of current conduction
Test Strip formula :
- International advanced formula
- High accuracy, good stability
- High test efficiency, 0.6μL blood, 5s test time
Strip electrodes:
- Precious metal
- Good conductivity, current stability, electrical conductivity better than gold electrode
- Smooth surface, solid, easy to fall off
- Expensive
Instant Siphon Technology:
- Real trace of blood
- Instant filling inspection window, a real trace of blood
- Reduce the amount of blood, reduce pain
- Dual detection output, double insurance accurate readings
Strip electron mediator:
- Preheating is not biodegradable, high stability, high accuracy test
- High electron transfer efficiency, reduce test time to 5 seconds
- Paper stability, shelf life of 24 months
- 6 months shelf life upon the opening of bottle

Item Type: Blood Glucose
Model Number: SH-BG3
Size: 71.8 x 49.1 x 15mm
Material: ABS
Brand Name: ELERA
Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Test strips packing: Bottled packing
Blood volume: 1 ul
Test range: 1.1-33.3mmol/L
Easy to carry: Portable bag as a gift
Suitable for: Diabetics, seniors, pregnant