[For Weekly / Monthly Rental] Merridian EcoVac-200 Medic Pump Suction Pump

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Product Information for Medic Pump EcoVac-200

The Merridian EcoVac-200 Portable Suction Pump is designed for low-to-medium suction applications, for use in a nursing home, homecare and clinic environments. It combines economy with efficiency.

Features for Medic Pump EcoVac-200

Powered by a durable oil-less diaphragm pump.
Equipped with an automatic overflow device to prevent overflowing when the bottle is full of fluids.
Equipped with effective bacterial filter.
Compact, durable plastic collection bottle, and handle on housing for portability.


Max. vacuum: 560 mmHg
Sound Level: < 64 dB (A) Displacement: > 18 L/min
Storage bottle size: Durable Plastic 1000ml
Power supply: AC 220V+-10%, 50Hz+-2%
Dimension (LxWxH): 28cm x 19.5cm x 22cm
Net Weight: 3.9g
Certification: ISO 13945, CE

The set includes a canister, connection tubings, and hydrophobic filter. The Standard Suction Pump can be used with tracheostomy patients.

Sterile Suction Catheters must be purchased separately.

*Rental rate does not include delivery. You can do a self-collection or opt for delivery at an additional $60 (two-way transport).