LISTER® 9 -IN -1 Foldable Push Up Board Inspected in Singapore

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Trusted By Military Soldiers And Sports Athlete.

LISTER 9 -in-1 multi-functional push up the board with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and help to maximize your chest, shoulders, back and triceps, maximize upper-body definition.

Innovative Color Design: Different colour targets specific muscles (Red-Chest, Blue-Shoulders, Green-Back, and Yellow-Triceps). Say goodbye to ordinary push-up positions and fully strengthen your upper body. With this push-up board, you can train all part of your muscle group with ease.  

High-Quality Materials: Premium ABS tough plastic, which is very tough and not easily broken or damaged. Hand Grips are anti-slip. The bottom is made of TPR anti-skid material, which can achieve high friction and elastic shock absorption and can be used on various surfaces. 

Fold-able And Convenient: Portable, simple assembly and storage. Unique foldable design, Portable. Premium, Non-slip Hand Grips; Simple assembly and storage, it is very convenient to sport lovers.