MEDPRO™ Maxi Deluxe Recliner 0-90° Wheelchair with Removable Headrest, Commode and elevated Leg Rest Support (Suitable for Self-Propelled)

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MEDPRO™ Maxi Deluxe Recliner Wheelchair is designed for users who needs moderate to maximum assistance. It can also be self-propelled.

Both its back and leg rest can be manually reclined and elevated from 0-90 degrees to suit the users' needs.

Wheelchair users who fall asleep on the wheelchair will usually have their head tilted downwards. This is very uncomfortable. Using a reclining wheelchair increases comfort and prevents contractures of the neck.

The removable potty that is hidden under the wheelchair will make toileting easier and more convenient too as there is no need for lifting and transferring of the user from the wheelchair to the toilet seat and vice versa. 

The recliner wheelchair is your ideal choice for convenience when travelling out for doctors' appointment or leisure purposes!

Product Information

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Product Features:

  • Backrest Reclining 0-90° Manually
  • Leather Seat with Removable Potty
  • Line Hand Brake
  • Height Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Height Adjustable Leg Guard
  • Removable Headrest + Pillow
  • Can be self-propelled
  • Collapsible for travel convenience