Metal / Classic Wooden Handset Fetoscope to listen to fetal heart beat

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Item Type: Fetoscope / Fetal Doppler without Ultra Sound
Size: 175*47*45mm
Commodity Quality Certification: CE


Product parameters:
Name: fetal heartbeat
Material: beech, metal, plastic
Weight: wood 40g, metal 110g, plastic 30g
Use the crowd: prospective father and family friends (not suitable for mothers)
Intimate Tip: Winter, Spring and Autumn season when using the handset to pay attention to the pre-let the brace warm about, you can hand cover a handset, you can also paste a hot water bottle, so put on the abdomen skin will not cold stimulation.
Wood listeners and modern Hyun bright aluminum handsets waiting for your selection, simple and easy to use. Wood handset light classic, metal handset bright and durable, multi-color optional. Listening clear, suitable for auscultation fetal heart sounds, but also auscultation children adult heartbeat breath sounds.
Handset Usage:
1. lying down or sitting: feel as much as possible to relax, although you are looking forward to please do not be excited Oh
2. Take the direction: the hole close to the ear, big hole close to the stomach.
3. close to the abdominal wall: to be a little bit with softness, can not only gently close to the belly, so as to prevent the existence of air between the belly and noise, you can refer to the doctor in the hospital to find the fetal heart position.