Water Distiller with Water Container Full Set with UK SG Plug

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Water distillers produce highly treated and disinfected water for drinking, cooking and other household uses.

The distillation process removes minerals and microbiological contaminants and can reduce levels of chemical contaminants. Water distillers are neither intended to treat water that is visually contaminated nor intended to convert waste water to safe, drinkable water.



Material of Boiling Chamber: Stainless Steel

Material of Dome Container: Stainless Steel SUS304 and with Splash Protector

Carbon Filter: New Style Carbon Filter

Advantage: Reset Switch and Receptacle

Function: Auto Shut Off Function



Power: 750W

Voltage & Frequency: AC 110/120V, 50/60HZ, AC220/240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Size: 40cm x 24cm x 38cm

Daily Distillate Capacity: 24L

Boiling Chamber Capacity: 4L

Collecting Jug Capacity: 4L

Colour: Silver with glass container

Plug Type: UK Plug suitable for local SG use.

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